Idol Sines
Terminal Points

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It Is and It Were
Terminal Point
Strange Energy


Krishna Pandit: guitar, modular synthesizer & effects, samplers, sequencers Tyler Tadlock: Rhodes, samplers, Moog Mother 32, DFAM, mixing, arrangement

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Ambient electronic artist Krishna Pandit and producer Tyler Tadlock are Idol Sines. 

Krishna, an ER and ICU physician, met Tyler Tadlock, graphic artist and electronic musician, when he relocated to the middle of the Deep South to practice medicine. Upon discovering a shared love for techno and ambient music, the two began setting up regularly to record and experiment with modular synthesizers, sequencers, and other noise generating devices, marking the genesis of Idol Sines. After 2 years of recording, the duo released their debut album, Terminal Points, on New Orleans music and art label, Articulated Works.

“I think the process of making music is a form of healing. Until now, we've made music to no one but ourselves, and only recently considered releasing something. It's an honest and reflective time, and I consider it a kind of medication.” - TT

“In my line of work I witness people enduring the worst days of their lives. Simply said, creating music allows me to step away from what I experience 9-5.” - KP

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